I received a phone solicitation today from an individual hoping I would do business with them. I didn't know this person but was familiar with the company. After our brief conversation I resolved that I probably won't hear from that person again. I wasn't in the market for their services today. They were simply casting their line and hoping a fish would bite. I have a feeling that in this particular case, this individual is going to be fishing for a long time.
Now I am not against cold calling. Which is exactly what this was. In fact, I think that I could, at some point, be a prospect for their services. Sadly, they will never get the opportunity because, like I said, I probably won't hear from them against.
Why don't businesses woo their prospects anymore is my question? Why won't they take the time to find an ideal prospect and basically say in so many words, "I believe I can help you and am willing to invest in building your trust and confidence in me and when you are ready, I will be there for you?"
Which approach do YOU believe will produce better results? 
Find nine people who you think are good prospects and promote to them once.
Find one ideal prospect and promote to them nine times building trust and confidence in your products or services.
I would love to hear your comments.