If you’d like to connect with me, you’ve got several option.

1- You can email me directly. Yes, I checks my own emails and I’ll respond.

2- Call 623 551 5469. These are the home offices of Level 7 Systems and Eden Sunshine Enterprises. Leave me a message.

3- Connect with me on Facebook. Here is the link. Just click here.

4- You can also find me on Twitter @edensunshine or Linkedin.

5- Try telepathy. Sit there and think about how you would love to get to know me and possibly work together. See what happens. Hint: Can you hear the crickets? I suggest you try option 1 or 2. Just sayin’.

Oh wait…

Option 6 – You can also get on my VIP List – Receive exclusive content, tips, strategies and special discounts. It’s good stuff and it’s FREE. Can’t beat that.

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