Transform Your Business Fast


Going Fast I've concluded that the single most important thing a business can do to improve itself is to become a systems driven organization. This simply means that the key to successful execution of every activity, and subsequent result, is a system, process or procedure.
It doesn't matter what a business is or what it does. It doesn't even matter what the activity is. Every action has an underlying system or procedure behind it. The better the system, the better the result. If you don't believe me than either you haven't tried it in your business or you tried it but didn't execute correctly or effectively.
Within the Level 7 System we have a principle called Creating Replication. The Principle of Creating Replication suggests that a business must have a system or process in place to get their systems, processes and procedures developed and installed into the business. In other words, we have a system for successfully developing systems.
Well, Jennifer Maggoire and Heather Long and the team at MCM took me up on a challenge the other day to see how fast they could get all the systems in their business documented, tested and implemented. "The faster, the better," I suggested. (They are using the Level 7 System for Creating Replication as their system for getting the job done, fast.)
"Not only will it be good for employee morale to get a project like this completed as fast as possible but the improvements you will see in your business will blow your mind," I told them. "Your revenues will increase, profits should soar, customer's will be happier and you will have a lot less frustrations and challenges in the business. Just watch what happens!"
They took me up on the challenge and agreed they would get this phase of the Level 7 Implementation Process completed in 90 days. I believe that Jenn offered then team a night out on the town including margaritas once they complete the process. So for fun, we will call this 'The Great MCM Margarita Race'. I will be giving you regular updates on their progress and their results along the way too.
OK MCM. Ready…on your marks, get set, go…!


Running Your Business Like an Emergency Room

Emergency%20room In a hospital, an emergency room is equipped and poised to handle the unexpected. They never know what is going to happen next. The circumstances that occur outside the emergency room are beyond their influence or control. They simply can't change or fix it. They are open 24/7. Sometimes they are slammed and other times people are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.


Business owners, in many cases, have poised and positioned their businesses to act like an emergency room. They believe the business is in the business of constantly resolving issues that seem to be beyond their control or influence. In most cases it simply isn't true. They have become experts at waiting for a problem to come up and then solving it.


Despite their beliefs, they have a lot more control over the circumstances that drive the activities within their organization. It is much more difficult to grow and build a business that serves lives if we think and act like the business is an emergency room.


There are several keys to making a shift to get out of the emergency room mode.


1- Recognize that your business is in reactive mode most the time and that a change needs to happen.

2- Resolve to make a change in the culture of the business by considering how the business can become more proactive in its thinking and action.

3- Introduce a systems resolution approach to the reoccurring problems that come up in your business. When you have a problem or challenge in your business it is because you have a systems problem. If you don't have systems, then you have a REAL BIG PROBLEM.


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Are You A Master Avoider?

"Is it possible", I asked my friend, "That by not doing those things that you know you ought to do, that you will be in the same place six months from now as you are today?"


"Not only possible," he said. "Probable."


"So you must like where you are?" I asked.


"No. I am not happy. In fact, if have this nagging, guilty, 'I shoulda thing' going on in my head everyday."


"So why do you keep avoiding?" I asked. "I suspect its fear."


He thought for a moment. "Yes, I suppose what it all boils down to is fear. Fear of change. Fear of what will happen. Even fear of success."


"That's interesting. Fear of success. Do you not believe you should succeed?" 


He hesitated. So I continued. "Since you don't see yourself inside as a success, you will avoid doing things that represent moving to the next level. You are unconsciously self sabotaging your own success so you won't create any in congruency on how you see yourself."


Here is an example. If you see yourself being overweight by 15 pounds. If you deep down believe that is who you are, no diet or exercise plan in the world is going to change your weight. Sure you might lose the weight for awhile, but I promise it will eventually come back. You know what I mean don't you?"


"Yes." He replied.


"The same is true about business. You are the leader of your business. But if you only see yourself leading your business that way it is now, you will never progress. No matter what advise or help I offer you."


"So what do I do?" He queried.


"It starts by beginning to reinvent who and how you see yourself…"


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