Do you need a hard lesson in leadership? This guy got one. Wow!

If you are a business owner, whether you like it or not, you have the role and responsibility of leadership. Some are gifted…other’s need support, guidance, tools and encouragement to be their best.

Like the guy in this video.

Do you need a push? Are you capable of more and know it but just can’t seem to get to where you want to be.

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Running Your Business Like an Emergency Room

Emergency%20room In a hospital, an emergency room is equipped and poised to handle the unexpected. They never know what is going to happen next. The circumstances that occur outside the emergency room are beyond their influence or control. They simply can't change or fix it. They are open 24/7. Sometimes they are slammed and other times people are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.


Business owners, in many cases, have poised and positioned their businesses to act like an emergency room. They believe the business is in the business of constantly resolving issues that seem to be beyond their control or influence. In most cases it simply isn't true. They have become experts at waiting for a problem to come up and then solving it.


Despite their beliefs, they have a lot more control over the circumstances that drive the activities within their organization. It is much more difficult to grow and build a business that serves lives if we think and act like the business is an emergency room.


There are several keys to making a shift to get out of the emergency room mode.


1- Recognize that your business is in reactive mode most the time and that a change needs to happen.

2- Resolve to make a change in the culture of the business by considering how the business can become more proactive in its thinking and action.

3- Introduce a systems resolution approach to the reoccurring problems that come up in your business. When you have a problem or challenge in your business it is because you have a systems problem. If you don't have systems, then you have a REAL BIG PROBLEM.


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What are You Great at Doing?

Great businesses have high standards. It's a key differentiators in business. Setting big goals, big vision is what they do. Now don't miss understand, bigger is not necessarily better. Better is better. Great businesses, it seems, know what they are good or great at doing?


McDonald's is great at selecting promising new locations and ensuring return of investment for every franchise owner.


Starbucks is great at mass customization and creating an environment for people to hang out.


Zappos Shoes is great at creating an employee driven culture.


Wikipedia is great at ensuring quality content through collaboration and self governing accountability.


What is your business good at doing? What is it great at doing? What is your business potentially the best in the world (as you define your world, either industry, location, market) at doing?


Can you describe it? If not, then how can you do it? If you can't do it then you won't be it.


Tomorrow I will describe what I believe every business must resolve to be great at doing that will simplify and guarantee certain success in their organization.


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