EITHER/OR mentality limits us. Either/or mentality limits our options to one thing or another. Solving complex problems and discovering simple solutions sometimes requires a more open-mind and thought process.

There’s power in the AND. Changing OR to AND forces our mind to seek more creative solutions.

One of my favorite questions to ask is how do I have more life AND also build a prosperous business that matches my vision and supports my goals. I’m not willing to compromise one or the other. Asking AND forces my mind to come up with a solution that will allow both requirements to take place. The battle between the so called work life connection question begins to shift and, rather than having conflicting objectives, we have objectives that seem to complement one another.

Years ago, I recall seeing a poster with the comedian Jonathan Winters on it. It was an image of him on the phone making a statement.

You want fast service, good quality and low price? Pick two and call me back. This is either/or thinking.

In some instances, and for some businesses, extraordinary might be to figure out how to offer great quality, low prices AND fast turnaround. The point is, let’s not limit our thinking by having an EITHER/OR mindset.

Embrace the AND!

Most of my clients over the years have strived to do something extraordinary, different, differentiate themselves and stand out. This approach to AND thinking opens the door to discovering how to build something truly fantastic. I ask myself the same question as it relates to the implementation of Level 7 every day. And every day we get a little bit better at delivering our product and services in a way that maximizes the results for our clients.

A client suggested that a change in mindset is first necessary in order for business owners and their teams to effectively implement Level 7 and become Systems-Driven. He said they must start to think differently about the business before they would start acting differently.


Although sometimes a change in behavior first will impact the way people think.

Case in point. I’ve had employees in businesses that were not necessarily enthusiastic about becoming systems driven. They didn’t get it. As we changed behavior and began getting systems installed in the business they became believers. They saw AND experienced the power of being systems driven. That helped them change their thoughts about being systems driven.

Regardless, my approach to implementation of Level 7, and becoming systems driven, has been to adopt an AND versus an either/or approach.

Becoming systems driven requires more than just a change in mindset. It requires a change in action AT THE SAME TIME.

One of the fundamental, and most important mind shift changes in Level 7 is that the key to success of your business is dependent on the quality of your systems and if you want to improve your business, you must improve your systems.

One of the most fundamental functions in the business is that you must start working on the documentation and installation of effective systems.

Our Level 7 Implementation Program does both.

As Level 7 has evolved over the years, I found it integral to engaging the entire business, or at least the key influencers, in the conversation about the importance of systems WHILE engaging them in the process of supporting in the documentation of the systems at the same time.

This has been the differentiator in effective implementation and what makes Level 7 unique.

How would adopting AND thinking to your business advance your organization to becoming simpler, more effective and stand out among the crowd.

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