Great companies have big goals, high standards, aspire to be the best, won't settle for mediocrity.


However, when establishing these goals and standards we must learn to suspend our need to know 'the how' we are going to accomplish them before setting the goal.


Matterhorn01 Walt Disney and his imagineers (not a misspelling) didn't know 'how' the Matterhorn was going to be built before the goal to build it was set.


Fred Smith of Federal Express didn't know how he was going to get a package across country overnight and affordably before he conceived of the idea and set the goal.


And you might not know how you are going to get your business from point a to point b but you are committed to getting there.


The problem is that if we have to have the answer to 'the how' before we set the goal, we may never establish it. Why? Because 'the how' is often a journey of discovery. It's the work of the strategist, not necessarily the leader.


The leader sets the goals.


The manager or strategist figures out 'the how'.


Want to take you business to the next level? Of course you do. Who doesn't?


Then begin by putting on your leader hat, suspend your need to know 'the how' and just dream and establish your vision.


Once you've done that then rally your troops and put on your strategy hat and go to work on discovering 'the how'. And enjoy the journey.


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