Adopting the mind of your prospect or customer is vital to your business success. Discovering the needs of the client is what great marketers do. Understanding human nature is helpful too.


By the way, did you know that marketing is really about understanding the client or prospect. It is often confused with lead generation or advertising activities. Good marketing leads to good advertising.


Being great at marketing also leads to making intelligent and productive conclusions about what product or services to sell and deliver to your customers.


So often we completely bypass the marketing function and dive right in to providing more fulfillment. Consider all the work your company does on a day to day basis that really has no significant impact on what the customer wants. Yet we keep doing them nontheless, believing we are providing more value. At the same time, we a doing a poor or mediocre job of delivering that which the client really wants or needs.


Bottom line: Great marketing strategies lead to simplified business operations and models.