"I'm freakin out!" is a sentiment I am hearing more and more from business owners, entrepreneurs and employees. Ok, that might be a little extreme. The fact is that during uncertain times, people generally feel more stress.


Without even being aware of it we tend to take our frustrations out on other. Often without even being conscious of it.


A client shared with me this morning that he is even feeling a little more impatient these days. At the same time, however, he is aware of it.


He also suggested that, “Although things are changing in his business due to economic conditions. Since he has implemented the Level 7 System in his business, he is confident he is doing the right things.”


Forgive me for my shameless plug.


As leaders and entrepreneurs, we must be aware of situations around us that lead to a recognition of potential opportunities. Leaders and entrepreneurs must be sensitive. Not cry on my shoulder sensitive, more like empathic sensitive. We must able to put ourselves in the shoes of others and UNDERSTAND what they need.


Through that understanding evolves an opportunity to provide a product or service that solves that need.


Through that understanding evolves an opportunity to step into a role where you can provide more effective leadership.


Now is a time for leaders to demonstrate that they understand how the people around them might be feeling about current economic and business conditions.


It begins by simply acknowledging people fears.


You might say, “I understand you might have some concerns or be stressed out about the uncertainly of our current economic and business climate. I am also concerned”.


The next step in this leadership conversation might be to say, “What can we do together to create an environment where we don’t have to worry about it? What can we do to create our own destiny and not be affected so much by outside circumstances?”


Now that’s leadership in action.