Anyone who has successfully lost a significant amount weight and improved their fitness level, and stayed that way for a period of time, know that diets and quick fixes don't work.


They know that they had to make a lifestyle change. The lifestyle change not only required a change in behavior but also a change in thinking.


Interestingly, most business are on a continual quick fix diet routine. They are always looking for the latest, greatest new tactic, program, software.


Granted, they may improve their condition, short term, but they almost always go back to their unfit condition.


Successful businesses make a lifestyle, or let's say, a cultural change and approach to doing business which includes a more productive way of thinking which leads to more productive action. Ultimately, that leads to a more fit or healthy business.


A friend of mine, Allan Starr, owner of Marketing Partners describes The Level 7 System as an approach that overlays productive thinking and action into companies that enables them to replicate the successful thoughts and actions of the best companies in the world.


Well said Allan. Thanks.