Had a great meeting with a long time friend the other day. I would consider him an expert or authority on personal change and human behavior.


I was truly inspired and, most importantly, reminded of a few things that are critical to our living the most rewarding and successful life. It's not an exhaustive list yet vitally important none the less.


1- Change begins with ourselves. If we don't like the conditions of our life or business look at what you need to change first. Harvard did a study years ago and determined that when a person or organization reaches a plateau, they need to re-invent themselves. Reinventing requires introspection and looking inward.


I have worked with companies that are flat out stuck and simply won't grow or change. Ironically, it is because the people, including the leadership, won't or take personal responsibility. "It's always someone else’s fault." They say.


Keep thinking and acting that way and nothing will improve. I promise.


Change begins with taking personal ownership.

Begin by asking the question, “How am I responsible in my thinking, attitude or beliefs that are impacting the situation?”

2- As individuals and organizations we need to make sure that our actions are always congruent with our values. In Level 7 terms we call this Threading Culture. In life we call it integrity.

My friend suggested, and I agree, that we all have an internal barometer that intuitively tells us when our actions are not congruent with our values.


I suggested you know when you in integrity personally and professionally when you are at peace and experience joy in your life and business. He agreed.


So if you are not experiencing peace within your organization, I would suggest that there is a disconnect between the actions of the company and the company core values.

So if you are not experiencing peace within yourself, I would suggest that there is a disconnect between your actions and your core values.

Start by asking the question, “Are the core values of our organization imbedded in every fiber of what we do here? Do all our people including leadership really get it?”

Personally ask the question, “Do I know my core values and are my actions congruent with them?”