"United we stand; divided we fall.” 

Culture Here is a modern day spin on an old saying, "United you grow, divided you fail". In business particularly, and perhaps more than ever, we need collaborative, focused and purposeful efforts from all our people to grow and thrive.

Did you know that it is the responsibility of the leader to set the stage for unity and cooperation in a business? Or course you did.

What happens if you don't get your people on the same page? Very simply, you're toast. A business that desires to be scalable, replicatable and capable of breaking through growth ceilings while serving the lives of people within it must have people working together for a common goal.

The leader must make it known that the standard for the business is working together. They must then be a walking and acting role model for the standard.

The leader then must intentionally foster a culture that will support the standard so it will sustain and replicate itself even if the leader is not present.

So what are you going to do about it? Begin by doing the Implementation Step of the Day.

Implementation Step of the Day –

1- Come up with a definition for unity as it relates to your business.

2- Cite at least three examples where you have seen people demonstrate unity in your company.

3- Develop a strategy to integrate and regularly communicate that definition into your business.