Joe Cerino, President of HAR Adhesive Technologies, and a role model for how to implement and get results through the Level 7 System shared a conversation he had with another business owner recently.


He told me that this other business owner when asked what it takes to do well in a tough economy suggested, "We just work harder than everyone else."


Joe and I both agree that doesn't necessarily ensure success in a good or bad economy. Indeed it could be a factor. But it could also hurt you.


Joe, upon hearing this comment from the other owner, piped in and said, "I don't entirely agree. Before we apply hard work we have to be intentional about what we are try to achieve and be sure we are actually doing the right things."


That's genius Joe. And so true.


Working hard but without intention and doing the right things is like speeding down the highway to a destination but going the wrong way. We have to know and be exceedingly clear on the direction or results we want to produce and make sure we are doing the right work or effort to get there.


All the hard work in the world won't get you to where you want to be if your goals are fuzzy or you are doing things the wrong way.


The Level 7 System is suggests that by applying the Principle of Defining Result, which ensures the goals and direction of the business are crystal clear to everyone, and the Principle of Creating Replication, which makes sure we have the best possible method for getting the results we want, we will have the tools in place to ensure our hard work will pay off.


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