I am convinced that you get peoples attention by appealing to what they want. You keep them by giving them what they need.

This is the wow factor.

You walk into a store looking to buy a shirt. That's what you want. You get the shirt delivered by someone who provides over the top customer service and ATTENTION. That's what you need. You're now a customer, hopefully for life.

I call my financial planner looking to increase my life insurance. That's what I want. Instead he shows me a way to increase my wealth to protect my family. That's what I need.

I am at Disneyland this weekend celebrating my 11 year old sons birthday. Walt Disney recognized that people didn't just want rides. Heck there are dozens of amusement parks that have rides. He recognized that people NEED to be entertained. The NEED to escape. They NEED to get engulfed in an experience that is not distracted by poor service or a lack of attention to detail.

Great leaders have an uncanny way of knowing what people need and it gets delivered through fulfillment. Consider what your customers REALLY NEED and determine if your business delivers on that.