Uncon incompetence It's a work morning again. Hopefully you don't have the working day blues or blahs or whatever the associated feeling you have when there is a lack of excitement or enthusiasm for your day and upcoming week.

If you feel like the dunkin donut guy (perhaps you remember him. He's the guy that would get up everyday and drone on, "It's time to make the donuts.") then you need a shot of hope for the future.

That's the ticket you know.

You have to have a picture in your mind of a positive future and an associated belief that you can get there.

In order to create that environment there are several things you must do.

1- Gain clarity what you would like the future to look like for you. When you've done that you should feel inspired. If you don't feel inspired, then your vision needs more work.

2- Develop a course of action you believe will work. Is it a certainty that your plan will work? Not necessarily. So be prepared to make adjustments. Chances are YOU are going to have to change some behaviors.

3- Don't give up if the plan isn't working. Keep making strategic adjustments. What do I mean by strategic?

  • Make sure you have a system or a plan in place before you adjust. Anything else is random.  
  • Make sure you are being objective about evaluating progress. Don't be knee jerk and spontaneous in your adjustments. I've seen people making great progress but because they got scared or uncomfortable they made irrational, non-strategic decisions that killed their progress.

Finally, keep your head in the game and review your goals and plan often. Stay focused on the hope for the future, not necessarily the frustrations of the moment.

This takes work and practice for some people. For others it might be more natural. The bottom line is that focusing your mind is a choice. Practice focusing on the positive future. Practice focusing on opportunities. Practice being in CHARGE of your thoughts and all of a sudden Monday's will be just another day to bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams.