Is it just me or are people in general looking for ways to simplify their businesses and lives?
Somehow business got real complicated. I could explain all the reasons why this phenomenon is true, but that’s not really important. It just simply is…
I will say this however, one of the primary reasons business can be so difficult is because of the number of potential moving parts, areas of focus and aspects of business we are required to pay attention to, the incomprehensible number of methods and ways of doing things and the continual and endless barrage of frustrations and problems every business faces everyday. It’s no wonder business is complicated.
Recognize that if we always got the results we wanted business would be easy. But when our goals and actually results don’t line up with each other we have a business problem. So then we are forced to look for a solution. That’s when it gets complicated. Think about it. The reason business is complicated is because we don’t have an approach or specific focus or method we employ to get the results we want.


Imagine you could actually categorize and discover a simple, proven and universally applicable way of handing all the above issues with the same approach and response. All of a sudden, instead of dealing with 1000 moving parts, we only have to focus on one moving part and do it really well.
I’ll bet you are dying to know that one thing that will simplify the way you do business forever and, more importantly, get the results you are seeking and looking for consistently.
OK…here we go…
What if you accepted the idea that every breakdown, every failure, every frustration, every missed goals or objective, every people related, customer related, profit related, revenue related problem stems from one thing, the absence of a quality system that works.
What is you realized that every missed goal comes down to one thing; a systems problem. Then all you would need to do is work on your systems. Make your systems better. To continually improve your systems. Then your business would produce the results you desire.
So how do you simplify your business? Easy. Resolve that your business is going to be extraordinary at building the best possible systems to achieve optimal results.
  • If you have people problems, it’s a system issue.
  • If you have cash flow problems, it’s a system issue.
  • If you are working to many hours, you have a system problem.
  • If sales are down, you have a system problem. (Please don’t blame the economy entirely)
  • If your customers are complaining, you have a systems problem.
  • If the office is a mess, you guessed it, you have a systems problem.
You and your business must continually ask these questions.
  • What system or systems, or lack thereof, are impacting the results we are seeking?
  • Can we objectively evaluate the performance of the system?
  • How can we improve the performance of the system so we can get the results we want.

If you want to stop running around like a chicken with your heads cut off desperately looking for a way to get the results we want then simplify your life and your business and go to work on your systems.