Albert-einstein1 "Kyle, you're a genius," My three year old daughter said to my 12 your old son after he had finished adding up his allowance from last week.
My wife and I just laughed. "Where does she get this stuff?" I asked her.
"She hears us," She replied.
Employees in business hear the words of the leadership too. Then they repeat them. Unfortunately, most of the time, businesses are not intentional about the words or language of their business. As a result, there is no clear messages being conveyed throughout the organization. The language is different. There is no unity.
The Level 7 Principles of Defining Results and Conveying Information specifically address those issues.
When there clarity in the messaging…
  • People are speaking to your clients and prospects in a manner that is compelling and relevant.
  • People in the organization are focused, enthusiastic and intentional about the goals and direction of the organization.
  • A culture is established that unifies and binds people and makes their work more meaningful and more productive.
It takes real genius, using the words of my daughter, to focus on the language and communication within an organization.