Don’t overlook the primary reason you are in business; to serve your life.

In fact most businesses and their owners forget that the business not only serves their lives but every employee, customer and vendor it comes in contact with. It even, in many ways, serves its community.

But let’s be real, if your business isn’t serving you, then what the heck are you in it for?

Maybe its time for a change. A change in your focus and the work you do in the business.

Being the first of the year, it is appropriate to evaluate the question and consider how you want the business to serve you.

Begin with these questions.

Specifically, how much money do you want the business to provide you?

How much time, hours per week, do you want to work?

What work do you want to be doing when you are working?

Consider these questions then begin to work on the business to create an environment that will serve your life.

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