It has been said that, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue…” Suggesting that our words have great power. What we say and how we say it will influence our circumstances around us.


What are you saying about your business these days, are you speaking life? What are you saying about your people, are you encouraging them and building them up?


Begin today by being aware of the words you speak. “Better to say nothing,” my mother would remind me, “than speak ill will of others or a situation.”


Try reframing your statements which requires reframing your thinking.


Rather than saying “business is bad”. Say,  “We have some tremendous opportunities available to us now.”

Rather than saying “Joe is doing a lousy job”.  Say “Joe has some great talents, how can we help improve his performance?”


Finally, as I suggested, what comes out of our mouths is dictated by our thinking. So we must be very aware of what we allow that goes into our heads that might impact our thoughts. A good rule of thumb as you hear negativity is to ask yourself the question, “Is what I am hearing truth or is it someone’s opinion.” There is more opinion out there then we all realize. And that is MY OPINION.