“Winners have simply formed the habit of doing things losers don't like to do” 
                Albert Gray


We often putting winning in context of beating others or competition.


I see it more as overcoming the internal and personal battle that keep you from being your best and achieving your goals.


People aspire to many things in life. A better business, more money, more freedom, more fulfilling relationships, better health and fitness. You get the idea. Sadly those aspirations always remain aspirations. Nothing changes.


Few are willing to make the changes necessary to achieve those goals. We all have to potential to be winners. It begins with a choice.


Ask yourself the question, "What do I know I need to do but continue to avoid doing?" Then make the choice to DO IT. No excuses. Excuses are for losers.


Losers complain they don't have time. They get paralyzed by fear. They get consumed by distractions. "Oh, I will do this tomorrow", is the mantra of the loser. Tomorrow comes and goes with no change.


Strong words I know. Necessary, however, for those willing to hear them. I need a good swift kick in the rear end from time to time too. That's why I married my wife.


Winners set their mind on doing what needs to be done. And then they do it.