Consider the extreme differences between being proactive verses reactive in your business.

Be different Being reactive suggests an emotional response that comes from fear, pressure, procrastination or focusing on the immediate situation. Think about it for a moment. How much of your day to day activity is made up of reacting to situations?

Being in reactive mode leads to only one thing; always being in reactive mode. It is a never ending loop. We reactive and resolve, hopefully, and then we wait for another situation to arise that we can react and resolve again.

Being proactive suggests an action that is grounded in confidence, foresight and thinking ahead. In proactive mode we engage in future thinking and issue resolution before the issue comes up. We focus on building rather than repairing. Get the idea?

The nice thing about being in proactive mode is that there is a ton of leverage that comes out of it. A little proactive thinking and action will go a long way to eliminate the situations that we are forced to react to also.

Want a competitive edge in your business? Consider that 97% of business owners operate unsuccessfully in reactive mode on a day to day business. Begin to work proactively and you immediately will experience an advantage in your business.