Innovation To innovate alone or with another…that is the question.


I was meeting with a company the other day. We had just finished a team building process centered on the theme of innovation. After the activity we discussed how their company engages in innovation. We learned that in many ways, largely due to the personalities of the primary leaders of the business, that a culture of "innovate on your own" was largely embraced.


Knowing the leaders of this business well, I suspect this was not intentional. The fact is that their own style of innovation is such that they like to go into their offices and figure things out on their own. This is not a bad thing mind you.


However, some people are far more effective in the innovation process when they are able to brainstorm with others.


The point is this. According to The Level 7 Principle of Improving Performance, innovation can happen many different ways in an organization. Innovation is necessary and it must be systematic. If you aren't getting engagement from the people in the organization, then you might need to revise your system for improving performance to ensure innovation effectively takes place in the business.


Here are some key points to remember.


1- Innovation or improving performance in your business must be systematic.

2- Your systems, including this one, could be influenced, positively or perhaps negatively, by your personality.

3- Some people like to innovate alone. Other like to innovate in a group. Consider your people and create an environment that supports both.