Businesses have been successful or let’s say survived in spite of themselves. Well we don’t have the luxury anymore of relying solely on our talent and good luck.

Just because you have a natural talent for selling doesn’t mean you have the skills to manage and lead people, deal with finances of the business etc.

Just because you are good with numbers again doesn’t mean you will be successful in dealing with the competition and market your business effectively.

We can no longer rely on talent and good luck. We have to know HOW to run a business successful and intentionally.

Ask 100 business owners their opinion on HOW to run a business and you will likely get 100 answers.

Interestingly, if you listen carefully to the 100 answers you will discover a common thread among them.

Check back to my next posting as I reveal the 7 most important things every business must do to ensure and maximize their success.

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