Allow me to simplify the complexity of creating a successful business with some simple logic.


The goals of your organization are directly impacted by the performance of your departments.

The performance of each department is impacted by the performance of the people within those departments.

The performance of the people is directly impacted by their knowledge and experience OR the systems, processes, tools and procedures they utilize to produce the results of their position.


Relying on the knowledge and experience of your people to produce results makes consistently growing, replicating and improving the performance of your business very difficult. It depends on your ability to transfer or find people with ALL the right knowledge necessary to produce optimal results. People dependent environments are very difficult to ensure business success.


When you rely on systems to produce optimal results, it only requires that you have well developed processes and people that are trained and willing to follow the system. It is far easier to improve a system than transferring random knowledge into people’s head.


Consider the last time you trained or explained something to an employee only to later find that they were still doing it wrong. Consider also the number of times that you have had to repeat instructions to the same person or had to re-train different people on the same information only to have them doing it differently and not producing optimal results.


Systems driven environments work consistently and maximize the likelihood of business success.


So applying this simple logic, if you want to ensure that you reach your company goals, your business must work on and improve your systems and become a systems driven business.