“From now on, any definition of a successful life must include serving others.”
                                                    George Bush

I once believed that I had to choose between two different daily agendas. Agenda number one was the agenda to accomplish the goals that I set for myself. Agenda number two was the agenda of allowing others to dictate my day and therefore to give up my own goals and objectives.

I would advocate that I had to pursue my own agenda because if I gave it up, I wouldn't accomplish what I set out to accomplish.

I have since adopted a new approach. A more meaningful and productive agenda. My new agenda includes service to other because that has become a goal. And one that I have found, by the way, to be often more rewarding than anything I could do for myself.

I realize sometimes it is inconvenient at times, but at least I don't feel conflicted anymore.

Along with this consider the attitude of the people in your business and the culture of your organization in general. Do you and your people see your business as really an opportunity to serve others? Or is the business merely a place for them to be served through the paycheck and benefits they received at the end of the week?

Perhaps a new definition for success is in order. For example: we are successful as a business when we have truly served the needs of others.