I woke up this morning with an image in my head about a giant ship with powerful motors driving the vessel ahead. But oddly, the ship was without a rudder or instruments to steer the ship.


Cruise ship It was a weird visual because all the people on the ship seemed oblivious to the fact that the ship was heading straight to disaster. Nobody was paying attention to where the ship was going because it seemed irrelevant. They didn't have the equipment to steer the ship anyway. The only option to insure their safety was to stop moving all together. But a vessel sitting, floating at sea is at risk too. 


I suspect there is a moral to the story. You can't just sit still. If your business isn't moving forward in someway, you will eventually die.


But if you have your foot on the gas and don't have the systems in place to effectively guide the business, you will likely run aground or hit an iceberg.


Having a destination is critical. Having a method for steering and pointing your organization is a vital tool.


We call it communication. And highly effectively businesses have highly effectively processes for making sure the business is pointed and moving in the right direction.