Moses Just because you're the CEO, Business Owner, an Entrepreneur or the guy (or gal) in charge doesn't necessarily mean you are an effective leader. Don't deceive yourself. Quality and effective leadership is critical to a business success. It requires doing leadership work. Just like sales requires sales work, accounting requires accounting work and production requires production work.


The first question is this…


What is leadership?


Simple answer. The leader is the one who defines and casts the vision and goals of the organization in a way that rallies others to support the cause.


Read it again and let it soak in. Are you doing that work in your business?


How do you know you are an effective leader?


Simple answer. Your people can communicate the goals and vision of the organization (not guess at them, but know them), are enthusiastic about them and ultimately take independent action to help support the business in achieving them.


If you don't see evidence of this in your business or organization, you might want to take a look at your efforts or effectiveness as a leader.


So why is leadership important?


Simple answer. You have a choice, you can pull the wagon and everyone in your business yourself or you can create an environment of leverage and support to achieve even greater goals for your organization.


One choice is fun. The other is exhausting.