Warren Buffett
There are seven simple behaviors that work and will transform the results you get in your business and your life if you apply them.

Be very clear on goals and expectations in every area of the business.

Be objective when you evaluate performance.

Be intentional when it comes to developing your company culture.

Develop great systems that produce optimal results.

Establish appropriate intervals to innovate your systems and business.

Make sure you have great communication throughout your business.

Create an environment where you and your people can trust, are accountable and can count on each other.

Take a moment and think about these for a moment. If you consider every piece of "business advice" you have every heard or seen, they all fall under one or more of these catagories.
Example. I see tons of folks out there promoting "how to get more business or touting cleaver or innovative marketing techniques".
What are they really saying? See the list above. They are really pointing to developing and innovating better systems.
Another Example. You are having a difficult time dealing with some of the people in your business. How do you solve a complex problem like this one?
It's actually rather simple. Take the list of Level 7 Core Principles above and ask yourself the question, "Which of these areas haven't we applied effectively?"
It's possible you haven't established clear expections. Or you haven't developed a good company culture. Perhaps you need to work on your accountability standards.
Business growth and problem resolution is quiet simple when you process them through The Level 7 Core Principles.