The average person, I have read, gives up on their New Year's Resolution by the 18th of January.
Watch what happens in the gym around that time. The place, which is now packed with people committed to getting back in shape, will look like ghost town in about 3 weeks. That's just one example.
I have some options so we don't suffer that self defeating disappointment that often comes when we give up on our goals.
Option #1 – Don't set any goals. (I don't personally like this option, but it is a sure way of not being disappointed. It also is a good way of not accomplishing much either).
Option #2 – Don't start working on your New Years Resolution until after the 18th of January. At least with this option you will be going strong, or at least getting started, when most people are quitting.
Option #3 – Find someone who is committed to helping you stay on track with your goals for the year. HELLO! That's why I am here. Accountability helps.
Option #4 – Determine to be the best you can everyday. Establish that each day is a new opportunity to be a little better than yesterday. It is through our consistent and incremental improvements that result in long term success and results.
In other words, make everyday a NEW DAY RESOLUTION .