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Taking the risk to start and get into business takes courage, guts and confidence. I admire that about business people. I admire their aspirations to make things better. That's what business owners do. They take an idea, a situation, a condition and look and find a way to improve upon it.


To me, that's admirable.


Man praying However, that same confidence could also lead to their demise. Over confidence could result in an unwillingness to admit or recognize our short comings.


Over confidence could lead us to believe we have it all together. The reality is that most businesses are just "wingin it". What does that mean?


When it comes right down to it most are just trying to figure out how to make their business work. Some will spend a life time, granted with some or even above average success, to ultimately reach a level of accomplishment only to get stuck. Not knowing how to get to the next level.


In other words, they don't really have a formula. A system. A method. A philosophy that could be replicated time and time again. In any business, at any size. It looks more like survival rather than certainty.


Perhaps its the thrill of the unknown that we enjoy. Maybe we really like the idea, deep down, that we don't know how our efforts are going to play out. Although, I don't buy it. Most the people I know that own businesses want some certainty of success beyond their confidence in themselves or a prayer (Prayer can be powerful however).


If you want to stop relying on a wing and a prayer then…


…here are seven things every business must do to ensure continued and replicable success.


1- Set goals like crazy. Be intentional about everything the business does.


2- Measure your goals objectively. That which gets measured gets done.


3- Create systems so that every goal you have has a consistent, predictable way of accomplishing it no matter who is operating it.


4- Thread your culture on purpose. Most problems in business stem from people not knowing and understanding the key beliefs and values of the business. Businesses must be intentional about building a self sustaining culture. Otherwise the culture is dependent on the owner.


5- Ensure accountability. The business must be absolutely certain that people will do what they say they are going to do. EVERY TIME Period.


6- Make sure your business communicates effectively. This included communication from leadership through the organization, communication from employees to management, communication from employee to employee and even communication from the business to it's clients. Quality communication demystifies expectations.


7- Be intentional about innovation and improving performance. Don't over innovate or under innovate. Great businesses innovate and improve in areas when its relevant to do so.


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