Business owners have trust issues. It’s true! If you feel trapped in someway by your business or don’t believe your business can work without you – you have trust issues.

What exactly do we need to trust in order to establish freedom? What do we need to trust so we can feel confident in our business and our people?

In a typical people dependent business model, answering those questions can be quite difficult. Most of the time a business owner in that environment has to trust their people on many different levels. They have to trust their knowledge and ability to perform specific tasks and functions in the business.

They have to trust their people’s judgment and decision making ability. They have to be able to count on their people. They have to trust in their own ability to innovate and create a model for business that will work. Just to name a few.

In a Level 7 Business, the business owner only has to trust 2 things.

  • They have to trust that they have systems, procedures and processes for doing business that will produce the optimal or desired results. In The Level 7 System we call this The Principle of Creating Replication.
  • They also have to trust their people to follow the systems. In The Level 7 System we call this The Principle of Facilitating Compliance.

You can’t have one without the other.

Want to get over your trust issues, build an amazing business and establish freedom? Focus on building a business based on creating the best possible systems that produce results and establishing an environment of accountability with your people.

It’s really that simple.