Of all the disciplines that affect your performance, self discipline may be the most powerful. Consider that nothing gets done without action. Action requires a measure of self discipline. In addition, some of the most rewarding and important things we do require the discipline to get moving and follow-through.
Please forgive me for oversimplifying things but I aspire to Albert Einstein's philosophy that basically any fool can make things complicated but it takes real genius to keep it simple.
I am no genius, I just like common sense that gets applied.
So what is the key to self disciple that leads to getting things done?
Step 1- You must establish an objective or goal that you are committed too.
Step 2- You must create a strategy or action plan. It must include specific steps and a date where you will stop and review performance. You must commit to following through with the steps and the plan.
Step 3- Now here is the key, you do the steps because you've committed to it. We must associate our commitment to our own integrity. This is the Principle of Gotta Do It. You simply can not think about whether or not you are going to follow-through with the task or action in the particular moment. You simply do it. Follow the plan. Now is not the time to question it. You will do that when evaluate as suggested in Step 2. Let's face it, we can rationalize our way out of anything we choose. In this case we simply can't.
Quick example. You are motivated to WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS. You establish that you are going to document a new system everyday. No more than an hour per day. You put it on your calendar and recognize that the amount of time is reasonable in light of your other commitments.
Now the Principle of Gotta Do It suggests that when the time comes up in your calendar, you don't think about whether it's convenient to work on your business at the time. You don't make excuses, you simply honor your commitment to yourself to do it.
In other words, don't get into a mental argument with yourself. The decision was made when your put it on your calendar.
So as simply as I can say, the key to self discipline is winning the mental arguments with ourselves by placing your commitment to DO IT and be in integrity above all things.