The other day I ran into an old friend who commented that they thought I had falling off the face of the earth or went to Tibet or something.


Of course you know better than that if you've been receiving my Daily Message (you can subcribe by clicking here) or keeping up with these postings.


Fact is I have been business working on my soon (hopefully) to be released book on the The Level 7 System (The official title is yet to be determined. I am open for suggestions).


In addition, I have been working diligently to develop and prove what I consider the to be the World’s Most Effective Business Transformation and Development Process. OK, I know that sounds like a lot of hype and maybe an over exaggeration.

Actually, I've been working with a handful of business owners across North America as we have been implementing The Level 7 System in their businesses. The results for those businesses who have been serious about improvement have been nothing less than extraordinary. That is not hype by the way.

The Level 7 System is unlike anything you have seen in business before.


As one of my clients has said recently, "Eden, The Level 7 System is the best kept secret in town. (I know that sounds very clique) If people only knew the impact Level 7 could have on their business and life, they would be beating your doors down to work with you and implement Level 7.”


I love it when my clients talk that way.


As a result, I am rolling out a process I call The Level 7 Experience. I don’t want people to just hear about Level 7. I want them to experience it. It’s kind of like getting a free sample of ice cream from 31 flavors.


People who partcipate in The Level 7 Experience will get to experience the potential life and business changing impact of this simple, yet revolutionary business development process. I know those are some strong claims. Let our results speak for themselves >>.


I admit Level 7 is not for everyone. As simple, intuitive and straight forward as it is, it requires people with an extraordinary commitment to being the best of the best. It requires people who are willing to do what most people won't do.


Regardless, I feel obligated to let people know that there is an option available for people who want to build a World Class Business without pulling their hair out.


The Level 7 Experience is a two-day, one-hour per day conference call.


In that call people will experience our powerful “Breakdown to Breakthrough Process.” This process alone will change the way people approach problems while eliminating the things that hold their businesses back forever.


One client suggested that implementing this process into his business has been worth millions of dollars to his company. His business has grown from 3.0 million to 10 million in the last several years. Despite the tough economy, his business has had the best 6 months in company history.


Another client suggested that the Breakdown to Breakthrough Process netted him, in one sitting, a bottom line one year increase of $60,000. I promise, its that powerful.


In addition, participants will be introduced to a system that will enable them to get more leverage and performance from their people. Finding good people is tough. Imagine having a business full of powerhouses without paying powerhouse prices.


The Level 7 Experience will be held on Tuesday, November 18th and Wednesday, November, 19th at 11:00 Arizona time, 10:00 A.M. pst, 1:00 P.M. est.


Register Early. Seats are limited and this will fill up fast. Click Here to Register >>


Everyone who has been introduced to Level 7 says that it makes so much sense and yet realize very few businesses are doing the things that The Level 7 Systems represents. I totally agree.


In fact I am thinking about calling the book, "Doing What Most Won't Do to Build a Business That Really Works" or something like that.


What is all comes down to is I believe people really need to know about Level 7. 


I invite you to check it out. Click here to register now >>