We just completed our 4th Annual Level 7 Community Roundtable last Thursday and Friday. What an amazing group of businesses owners if I do say so myself. (Perhaps you will join us for this exclusive, by invitation only event next year. The first step is to participate in our upcoming Level 7 Experience however. Check it out!)

Vision man telescope One of the questions that came up centered on the topic of leadership development within our businesses. Here are a couple of key points that the groups resolved.

1- Some people have natural leadership abilities. Others are not naturally gifted.

2- Whether gifted or not, everyone can improve upon their leadership abilities.

3- Leadership is indeed a skill or an action. And since it is a skill or action it can be learned or taught.

4- Regardless of personality and style, all leaders have 3 things in common. The have a very clear vision. They passionately and enthusiastically own it. The communicate it in a way that gets others bought into the vision; who in turn own it.

5- To the degree that a leader is able to successfully do all three, will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of their leadership.

6- The first step is to get very clear on their vision and goals. Getting clear and specific on a vision is a skill that ANYONE can develop.

7- The second step is for the leader to be honest with themselves in terms of their own commitment and passion for the vision. If they are not sold out, then don't expect others to get excited. Go back to crafting the vision before moving on. When the leader has an emotional connection to the vision, that can be very powerful.

8- The third step is to develop a strategy that will effectively, creatively and consistently communicate the vision until others get excited about it too.

I would love your comments and feedback specifically on point 8. What are some of the creative things you have done to communicate your vision and goals to others in your organizations that has resulted in enthusiastic buy in?

9- When developing leaders in our organizations, we need to guide and mentor them in the execution of steps 6-8 until they become effective leaders too.

10- There is an underlying system or process behind how to do steps 6-10 successfully. Discover that and you can begin to successfully replicate leadership development in your business over and over.