At E Quest Development Company we have a saying around here about our people. In addition to being results focused, our people must also “play well with others”.

What exactly does that mean? Simply, social skills are a vital part of success in business these days. If you agree, then here are some attributes of people who seem to get along with others and create a more harmonious, team oriented environment.

Accepting the fact that other people are different then ourselves is a critical social skill. Accepting other leads to an environment where there is less judgmental interaction. This includes recognizing and accepting differences in our cultures, values, beliefs and personalities.

As a manger or team leader who might be experiencing issues with people on your team that don’t seem to get along with others, you might addresses this point and ask the question, “Is the individual being critical and judgmental of other people based on personalities, up bring and personal beliefs?” Helping people become aware that they are doing that and coaching them out of it may help eliminate some of the interpersonal issues happening in your business.

You can ask the employee this question specifically, “Do you think the issues you are having with [insert person’s name] might stem from the fact that you have different personalities, values and beliefs? And is it possible that being critical of those area are affecting your ability to work together?”