Let's assume for a minute that you embrace the idea that the key to producing consistent, predictable results in your business is dependent on the quality of your systems coupled with the willingness of your people to follow the systems.


Essentially your goal is to create a systems driven versus a people dependent environment.


If you don't understand that concept or embrace it, you are missing out big time. Contact me. I will happily explain it to you. No pressure. It really makes sense or you can read The Level 7 Manifesto =>>


The big mistake people make in the process is thinking that they just have to go through the motions and get all their systems documented in the business and create these beautiful 3 ringed operation manuals. I have met many business owners who have done this and the end result is a lot of time and money invested only to have dusty, obsolete manuals sitting on a shelf some where.


Building a systems driven business is about creating a systems culture where everyone in the organization understands and embraces the notion that the key to your success is the quality of your systems. Further, the business supports what I refer to as the System Development Cycle.


This is the key. You must build install the systems development cycle.


The System Development Cycle is a reoccurring process that starts with the initial documentation of your systems, periodic evaluation of those systems and innovation of the systems as needed to improve business performance. Then the loop starts over again.


Want to simplify the process of building a great business? Get the system development cycle installed in your organization. Make IT the way you do business.


Read more about the System Development Cycle here =>>