Meeting with a client and dear friend yesterday I challenged him with an idea or thought.


I said, "When times are good we don't have to worry about our mindset too much. But neither does anyone else. The money and opportunities just seem to flow. It is now, when we are surrounded by negativity and fear, that what and how you think matters the most.


I continued, "Your people and business needs your leadership in this area now more than ever." I concluded, "Mastering your thought process and reframing negative to positive, will be the differentiator in your business success right now."


He simply shook his head and agreed.


I suggested 4 very specific strategies to implement in this area.


1- Consider and reframe negative thought to more productive positive ones.
ex. "People aren't spending money right now" to "We are attracting business that are ready to invest in their growth".


2- Create an accountable environment internally in the business. Set the stage so everyone understands the importance of positive attitudes and agree to hold each other accountable when negativity creeps in.


3- Avoid negative situations and bad news. This includes the news and people who are pessimistic. Simply turn it off, walk away or do #4 below.


4- Be a leader. When you hear people taking a negative position, reframe it to a positive one.
ex. You might say "In every negative situation, there exists an opportunity, where is the opportunity here?"