Stop innovating to get your needs met! I had to remind a client the other day.


We get excited and it's a part of the nature as an entrepreneur to always be looking for ways to make things better. But you have to stop innovating for the sake of innovating or feeling good.


The Level 7 Principle of Improving Performance suggests that your innovation and improvment of performance in your organization is just as systematic and consistent as anything else you do.


Innovation takes place either when you have a breakdown or frustration and, upon evaluation of the system, requires that it needs improvement. Or when a system comes up for review as dicated by your improvement schedule.


As an entreprenuer who is innovating and bring new ideas, you have no idea how much the emotionally compulsive innovation patterns are distrupting our businesses. We might think we are helping or doing good, but most often you are not.


The key is to install a system, big surprise, that manages how and when we go about innovating and improving performance. We don't do it to feel good. We innovate to improve results.