Listening is a critical skill necessary to effective social interaction. Quality listening is actually a byproduct of demonstrating an interest in other people and putting aside your own agenda.


Let’s face it, we live very busy lives. Sometimes we are too busy. We are focused on getting results. Getting things done. That’s fine. But fact is sometimes we get so caught up in OUR AGENDA, we don’t take time to listen and demonstrate an interest in other people.


So what is the action step associated with improving this skill. It begins with awareness that you might be engaged in a conversation with another person and your mind is focused on OTHER THINGS. When you are not INTO listening the you have 2 options.


Option #1 is that you make a conscious choice to stop and actively listen to the person you are engaged in a conversation, putting aside your own agenda for a moment or…

Option #2 kindly explain that you would like to talk with them and want to give them your full attention. Then set up a time when you can talk and LISTEN.