Culture Sometimes we spend so much energy marketing our products and services externally in an effort to generate new business, we overlook another critical aspect of marketing. Specifically, marketing your company values and culture internally.


I am going to make an assumption that you deem intentionally threading a solid, definable and vibrant culture in your business is important to you. Some very successful organizations, I believe, might deem this THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.


The Level 7 Principle of Threading Culture is all about building a strong, self sustaining set of values and beliefs in the organization that drive or influence every decision in the business from the bottom up or top down.


Assuming we are considering these things (most businesses don't by the way) we often think of threading culture by means of traditional approaches of internal communication and training.


What if we thought of internal communication and training more like we think of marketing our products or services. Aren't we interested in selling our ideas, or in this case, our core values to the people within our business? Don't we want them to buy in and take ownership of them?


As you devise your Threading Culture Systems, perhaps a subtle shift in your thinking from conducting training and traditional communication to marketing and internal brand building might increase your effectiveness.