Depressed person Staying on top of your game, keeping your people and business moving forward and creating the energy, momentum and enthusiasm to achieve the goals and vision of the business are core responsibilities of a business owner or leader.


If you own a business…this is one of your primary responsibilities. Certainly you expect your people to be effective in executing their primary responsibilities. Shouldn't you as well?


Here are a couple simple (simple doesn't always mean easy) steps to being more effective and consistent with your responsibilities as a leader.


1- Be clear with your goals and vision. Get them in writing. Schedule time to review and update them on a regular basis. I recommend weekly, but no less than once per month. The more frequent you review them, the more focused you will be.


2- Make sure your goals pass the goose bump test. Do they get you going? If not, go back to Step 1 and rewrite or define them until they do.


3- Create a system for communicating your goals to your people. Be consistent and intentional about it. Having a one-time conversation won't cut it.


4- Assess regularly if your people "are getting it." In other words, are they buying in. The simplest way of knowing is when you hear your people having independent conversations using the same language you've articulated when sharing your goals.


Example: One of my clients uses the acronym WIGS to describe there goals. WIGS stands for Wildly Important Goals. When they hear people saying something like, "Well this is one of our WIGS", they know they are getting it.


Implementing these steps will help you stay focused and motivated as you are developing and building your business.