Ralph Vatalaro, owner of Aquatic Environmental Systems and member of The Level Seven Arizona Community, reaffirmed one of the challenges of building a prosperous business these days. “The principles of running a successful business are simple, but they are not necessarily easy to implement.”


He continued by adding, “The key is knowing the principles and being intentional and committed in your efforts to accomplish the results you desire and then diligent in your follow-through”.


Do you have a clearly defined way of doing business? Do you have a set of your own proven best practices that dictate how you do business or are you flying by the seat of your pants? Not knowing what you don’t know. Don’t feel bad. Most business owners don’t and are all just trying to figure it out while trying to make living in the meantime.


There is way however…


Read tomorrow how I discovered that without having a foundation behind how I did business continually lead me to frustrations, challenges and dead ends in business.