Hope sign Some people have had a really tough year or two with the economy thing going on. Many have not survived and some are still trying to figure out how they are going to make it the next few months.


When we are in survival mode it is very difficult to focus on the future and place any attention on our vision.


Victor Frankl, author of the book Man's Search for Meaning, wrote vividly of his accounts as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. He, and this is a very liberal paraphrase, suggested that he was able to survive, even as others around him were dropping like flies, because he continually thought about what life WILL be like when he was free again.


Most of the other prisoners who didn't make it only focused on their present condition. They were in survival mode.


The point being, we need to focus on a positive hope for a future. We need to keep our minds fixed upon our vision and future goals. Otherwise we could fall victim to the same fate of the businesses that aren't going to make it.


What are you believing in today for a positive future tomorrow? What will your business look like in 3, 5 or even 10 years from now?


I believe these are important things to be think about.