"Any occurrence requiring undivided attention will be accompanied by a compelling distraction.” 
                Robert Bloch


Hum interesting…


Essentially it requires superhuman attention and intention when it comes to achieving the important goals we establish for ourselves and our businesses.


I find it funny that when we don't have any goals, we don't have distractions. How can you have distraction if there is no target?


Ironically, when we set a goal and have a strong desire to achieve it, all of a sudden anything that doesn't contribute to that outcome becomes a distraction. The bigger the goal often the bigger the distraction.


We have to make a choice and be conscious to the fact that with a goal we are committed too we either put on our laser focus and stay on the target or we will be constantly riddled with things that will draw our attention away.


Bottom Line: Stay focused and committed to your goals and decide that, regardless of the distractions that come up, you will do what is necessary to achieve the goal.