I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day who is starting a new private school. As an educator for many years she finally got fed up with the mediocrity that exists in the public school system. This led her to the decision to open the new school.

She was excited as she described the school philosophy and how that was going to drive the structure of the classrooms and how the curriculum is developed.

She went on to say that often the public schools compartmentalize the content of what is taught. They see reading as separate from math. Writing is separate from social studies etc. Her approach is a more WHOLE VIEW approach to teaching the child. Her approach integrates all the disciplines together. Or at least acknowledges the interrelationship between the disciplines. This made a lot of sense to me.

It occurred that in most businesses they compartmentalize the primary functions of the business too. We see sales as sales. Production as production. Accounting as accounting. We don’t look at the business from a WHOLE BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE. As a result, we look to make improvements in a compartmentalized manner too. This approach can be effective but it’s not the MOST effective approach to building an extraordinary business.

This is why having a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PHILOSOPHY like the Level Seven System is so important to your business. Is serves as a way to unify the view of the business and the primary business function like sales and operations. It also drives how the business goes about making decisions. Is forces us to change our thinking which leads to a change in action and behavior.

Albert Einstein once said, “The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them..”