I hear business owners make the excuse more and more that they have attention deficit disorder. This serves as a convenient excuse to avoid doing some of the most important work in a business that actually requires some thought and focus.

But is it an excuse or have we simply become a society trained to think and work in 30 second segments? Let’s face it, we get bored easily and need to be entertained constantly.

Have our brains grown accustomed to constant stimulation? Watch some of the new programs on TV these days. Camera angles, panning and action are changing at break neck speeds just to keep our interest.

Now the internet has Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites that engage and perhaps distract us with mini sound bites of what is happening in peoples lives.

Am I against these things. No. We just need to be more intentional about its purpose and our reason for doing it.

What is the point. I suppose simply to wake up to our environment and recognize that we are become products of it.

That product is a society unable to focus, without getting bored, on an idea, our vision, our goals, our objectives and a meaningful relevant strategy.

Have we become a society of quick fixed? Are we becoming so ‘lazy’ that we are simply copying what some else has created only to become undifferentiated ourselves?

I know, harsh words. Maybe you disagree but look around. Even observe your own behaviors.

A book written a number of years ago called Flow: The psychology of optimal performance, suggested that it takes at least 20-30 minutes to get into a mental state of peak performance.

If we are working in 3 minute blocks I am certain we are missing out on some great opportunities to innovate.

My suggestion: start time blocking strategic work time. Turn off the e-mail, cell phone, internet and be uninterrupted for 60 minutes. If you find this difficult, and some will, it is because you have been conditioned to be A.D.D.

Be persistent and retrain yourself. I promise the rewards will be great.
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