Conductor Running a business
well is analogous to being a great conductor of an orchestra. Great orchestra's
have people that are well able to do their individual jobs. The drummer plays
the drums. The violinist plays the violin. They are talented in their individual
roles. They also have sheet music, which in my opinion is like a system, to keep
them on the right note.

Have you ever
noticed, even the greatest orchestras in the world use sheet music. I am going
to assume the players are some of the best in the world too. Interesting. Highly
talented and experienced people using a system. Suggesting that even the best
people need a system to make sure they stay in sync with the rest of the group,
team or organization.

Even with the sheet music and highly talented experienced people in place,
I suspect, and I could be wrong here, but without the conductor leading, the
orchestra probably wouldn't sound right.

The question for you is how are you orchestrating and leading the behaviors
and activities in your business? Do you think you are doing it when in fact you
are just a blowing a horn in the back of the room? I have never seen a good
symphony where the conductor was sitting in the back playing a horn or another
instrument. He or she was leading, conducting, orchestrating.

Their instrument is a baton. At least that's what I think its called.

Your instrument to ensure effective orchestration and results in your
business include a combination of your vision, your effective and consistent
communication, your systems, your culture, your accountability and your
innovation. Those are some of the elements necessary that will ensure that your
business runs like a world class symphony sounds.

Not sure you have all that you need to lead your business like a great
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