Silly dance Several years ago a good friend named Scott was visiting from out of town.  My wife, Scott and I went bowling one evening for fun. There is no other reason for me to go bowling other than for fun because I am pretty bad at it. Kind of like golf too.

Anyways, at one point in the evening Scott threw a strike and proceeded to perform a rather silly little dance as he chanted, "Follow the leader, leader, leader." It became a running joke for several months.

We have had many conversations about leadership within the context of these Daily Messages. Becoming an effective leader is actually quite simple if you understand it's purpose and the work required of a leader.

What is the purpose of leadership? In it's simplest terms, leaders create followers. The difference between being an average leader and a great leader comes down to how focused, committed and enthusiastic their followers are.

The work of the leader is essential broken down into 3 parts.

1- Understanding the people you want to attract to your mission.

2- Casting a compelling vision for all involved.

3- Effectively communicating the vision to create excitement and focus.

Leadership is not a title. It, like any other work in your business, is a function. A person understanding the power and benefit of great leadership will engage in activities focused on the three elements listed above.

When you do that, you can't help but create an organization where people want to  "Follow the leader, leader, leader."