You should be doing both.

I know a guy, a masterful networker, very well liked. A real giver. Has a great reputation. He's been planting the seeds for his business and it's been growing steadily for several years now. But he needs more business right now.

I know another guy. A great salesmen and direct marketer. When he sets his mind to going to get a new account he gets it. He's a great hunter. Problem is he has no long term prospects for new business or even any brand recognition.

So who has got the best approach.

Of course you know the answer. Both do.

The question is what would happen if a business systematically integrates both approaches into their marketing and client acquisition strategy? You have a highly effective combination.

The farmer, the first guy, is planting seeds and building for a long term sustained food supply. Lots of work now with modest short term payoffs. But he will be well fed later.

The hunter, the second guy, is on the kill every day for a new meal. Not enough to provide for the future, but he won't be hungry today.

In business we need to focus on building a hunter and farmer marketing and business development approach.