The world is screaming at you for your attention. Just look around you. Shiny objects and apparent opportunities abound. We are inundated with a gazillion adverting messages, tweets, postings, applications, 300 + cable channels, get rich quick schemes, infomercials, promises of overnight results…
Oh yes, the world is a buzz.
Kids playing tag As a kid I used to play tag. Did you ever play? The game would start out with the tagger surrounded by a bunch of people. The goal was to chase down and tag on of the other people. Once you tag someone they are it. And they become the tagger. Pretty simple.
Imagine have 10 possible subjects around you. The whistle blows and you go. You have a question. Who do I go after?
In my experience, if I begin chasing one person and then, while in pursuit, change directions and go after another, and again, while in pursuit, I change directions again, I ultimately won't catch anyone. I poop out without ever reaching my goal.
But when I select a subject and pursue them with focus and commitment. Never giving up, I will eventually catch them.
The point is I couldn't allow myself to be distracted by other opportunities once the game was afoot.
The same is true about business or any goal you set for yourself. If you allow the DISTRACTIONS OF THE WORLD to continually captivate your attention, you will eventually poop out and never achieve your goals and objectives.
Now, more than ever, we need an almost superhuman ability to stay focused and pursue our goals with a laser like commitment in order to achieve our objectives.