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Are you guilty of Verbal Brain Dumping?


Confused This is the process by which we communicate and train people by explaining things verbally and expecting them to get it, understand it, and replicate it based solely on your verbal communication.


I once read that when you train someone verbally they will only retain about 30% of what was communicated. Personally, I think that number is high.


If they see it only, they retain about 20%.


If they read it only, they retain about 10%.


But if they hear it, see it, read it and do it, retention goes up to over 80%.


Another argument for creating a system driven combined with solid training and an environment of accountability increases employee effectiveness dramatically and shortens the learning and success curve.


By the way, good training suggests that a person can demonstrate proficiency in the thing they were trained. How many times have you quickly explained something to someone and then were disappointed because they just didn't get it?


In a Level 7 Business, training includes:

  1. Having people read the system
  2. Having someone explain the system verbally
  3. Having the individual watch as the system is being demonstrated
  4. Having the individual being trained actually do it until they can demonstrate proficiency.

In this environment, which begins with having a quality, well developed, proven and documented process, a business maximizes employee performance and the success of the organization.